Natural Gas Innovation Continues as Quantum and Ryder Expand Product Offering to Include New High Capacity CNG Storage Systems

Sep 09, 2015

Quantum's Q-Cab160 and Q-Cab180 Offers Ryder Customers Enhanced Capacity and Range

“Quantum’s high quality and light-weight CNG fuel system modules are the most efficient and cost effective systems in the market and it’s this technology advantage that makes long haul CNG applications work,” said Scott Perry, Ryder Vice President of Supply Management and Global Fuel Products. “Quantum’s new light weight systems are enabling the use of CNG in long haul applications and providing an excellent value proposition for our customers.”

Quantum pioneered type IV composite technology to achieve the highest storage efficiency and capacity of its CNG tanks and complete fuel systems. Quantum’s Q-RailLITE, Q-CabLITE, and now its Q-Cab160 and Q-Cab180, CNG fuel modules contain Quantum’s proprietary, ultra-light patented Q-Lite(R) CNG storage cylinders which allows lighter weight structures while still meeting critical shock and vibration requirements. These cylinders are now being offered in 30-inch diameter configurations enabling efficient and cost effective storage solutions. The combination of the lightest and highest capacity tanks in the world and highly engineered lightweight structures enables Quantum to provide the lightest CNG systems with the highest diesel gallon equivalents (DGE) per pound in the industry.

About Quantum: Quantum Fuel Systems Technologies Worldwide, Inc. is a leader in the innovation, development and production of natural gas fuel storage systems and the integration of vehicle system technologies including engine and vehicle control systems and drivetrains. Quantum produces one of the most innovative, advanced, and light-weight compressed natural gas storage tanks in the world and supplies these tanks, in addition to fully-integrated natural gas storage systems, to truck and automotive OEMs and aftermarket and OEM truck integrators. Quantum provides low emission and fast-to-market solutions to support the integration and production of natural gas fuel and storage systems, hybrid, fuel cell, and specialty vehicles, as well as modular, transportable hydrogen refueling stations. Quantum is headquartered in Lake Forest, California, and has operations and affiliations in the United States, Canada, and India.