Quantum Fuel Systems Announces Third 2023 Order by VoltaGrid for Compressed Natural Gas Virtual Pipeline Trailers

May 31, 2023

LAKE FOREST, Calif., May 31, 2023 — Quantum Fuel Systems (Quantum), a fully integrated alternative energy company, has been selected by VoltaGrid for the third time in 2023 to deliver market-leading virtual pipeline trailers for natural gas. This new order will increase VoltaGrid’s CNG delivery capabilities as it significantly expands its network of clean energy fuels.

“All customer orders are considered a success, but orders from one customer in consecutive quarters is something special and a source of tremendous pride,” said Steve Toelke, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Infrastructure at Quantum. “It’s a testament to the quality, reliability and value our virtual pipeline trailers provide to customers. We’ll strive to replicate this situation across all customers in our infrastructure and mobility business.”

Similar to the Q1 2023 order, Quantum will provide VoltaGrid with its VPLite45/40 trailers, which have an industry-leading gaseous capacity of approximately 472,000 standard cubic feet and weigh less than 59,000 pounds fully loaded. The trailers are certified for use in the U.S. and are the leading choice for customers needing a smaller, lighter trailer that is easily maneuvered in tight areas. VoltaGrid will utilize the trailers in their work supplying intelligent, affordable, clean and turnkey power and fuel solutions for remote and grid-parallel applications.

“VoltaGrid continues to grow their CNG/H2 VPL fleet to keep up with the demand presented in the marketplace. VoltaGrid has become the market leader in West Texas, and we will continue to expand our transportation fleet to meet the needs of our customers and partners. We will continue to grow our fleet with a safe and robust equipment, advancing toward VoltaGrid’s 1,000,000 diesel gallon equivalent per day capacity target by late 2023” said Joshua Edge, Vice President of Transportation at VoltaGrid LLC.

About Quantum Fuel Systems LLC
Quantum Fuel Systems LLC is engineering the future of alternative fuel storage by designing, developing and bringing innovative transport trailers, and industry-leading Type 4 cylinders for hydrogen, CNG and RNG to market. Quantum is at the forefront of the industry with decades of experience in gaseous fuel storage and systems solutions. Learn more at https://qtww.com.

Quantum Media Contact:
Shelly Otenbaker, 248-506-6696, shelly@waypointmc.com

About VoltaGrid LLC
VoltaGrid is an advanced energy management and generation company that is developing an innovative platform to provide power, energy storage and emissions reductions for the pressure pumping, remote mining, utility, and distributed generation industries. VoltaGrid’s fully integrated artificial intelligence platform provides live emissions tracking, asset carbon intensity, automated back-office management and ESG reporting on a centralized database.

VoltaGrid Media Contact:
Nathan Ough
President & CEO
VoltaGrid LLC