Quantum Fuel Systems Receives Department of Transportation Special Permit on VP-650TM Virtual Pipeline Trailer with Highest Available CNG Capacity

Oct 03, 2016

- VP-650TM, Highest Available CNG Capacity Trailer With Approximately 650,000 Standard Cubit Feet

Lake Forest, CA (September 14, 2016) — LAKE FOREST, Calif., September 14, 2016 — Quantum Fuel Systems, an industry leader in CNG (compressed natural gas) fuel systems for the automotive and heavy-duty industry, announced today that it has received a special permit from Department of Transportation (DOT) for its new VP-650TM virtual pipeline trailer which will have the highest capacity available in the industry at approximately 650,000 Standard Cubic Feet (SCF). The trailer is available for immediate sale and deliveries are expected to begin over the next 30 days.

The VP-650TM virtual pipeline trailer is capable of moving a significant amount of compressed natural gas and utilizes Quantum’s Q-Lite® CNG storage cylinders which are the lightest weight per unit fuel stored. The tanks in the VP-650TM are capable of storing gas at up to 5000 psi service pressure. This combination of lighter weight and more fuel has enabled Quantum to provide the new VP-650TM virtual pipeline trailer with an industry leading capacity of 650,000 SCF.

The trailer design and integration will house other unique features that will set this product apart from existing trailers, including push button shut-offs, independent lock-off features, and other technology to ensure a full fill is achieved every time.

Quantum’s VP-650TM is mounted in a 45’ hi-cube shipping container and has also been designed for sea transport. Short to medium distance shipping of CNG can be much more cost effective than shipping LNG and other clean fuels. Products such as Quantum’s VP-650TM can open up a much broader group of both domestic and international industrial users of energy to operate on low cost natural gas.

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