Quantum Fuel Systems LLC is engineering the future of CNG storage by designing, developing and bringing innovative gas transport trailers and heavy-duty truck fuel storage systems to the market.

Most Advanced CNG Fuel Storage Systems


Back-of-Cab CNG Fuel System

Designed for medium- and heavy-duty market trucks, our proprietary lightweight Q-Lite® Type IV technology is aerodynamically invisible and highly effective for increased payloads where reducing on-board weight is essential.


Medium- and Heavy-Duty Trucks

  • Three super-lightweight Q-Lite® tanks for 123.6 DGE, 160 DGE, and 180 DGE
  • Aerodynamic design
  • Scalable with Q-Rail Frame-Rail Mounted Fuel System
  • Grid-friendly “Hook & Hang” installation
  • High Quality OEM System
  • 2-year 200,000 mile warranty


Frame-Rail Mounted CNG Fuel System

Built with our proprietary Q-Lite® Type IV technology, Q-Rail maximizes fuel capacity while minimizing weight. Manufactured to OEM standards, Q-Rail’s modular design simplifies installation and maintenance.


Medium- and Heavy-Duty Trucks

  • 41.2 DGE, and 46.2 DGE capacity
  • Rugged design for increased durability
  • Grid-friendly “Hook and Hang” installation
  • Configurable stepping bars (full, partial length or delete)
  • Equipped with super-lightweight Q-Lite® tank
  • 2-year 200,000 mile warranty


Advanced CNG Fuel Storage Tanks

Designed for everything from high-volume, light-duty pickup trucks to class 7 and 8 trucks, our industry-leading, compressed natural gas (CNG) and hydrogen storage tanks come in a wide range of sizes.


Light-, Medium-, and Heavy-Duty Trucks

  • Tanks from 21.1 to 46.5 DGE
  • Super-lightweight composite technology
  • Highest capacity storage tank in the industry
  • High-grade OEM Quality
  • Safe, durable, and reliable
  • 2-year 100,000 mile warranty


Virtual Pipeline CNG Trailers

Quantum Virtual Pipeline is a series of high capacity trailers that are easily transportable domestically and globally. Quantum’s entire system is installed in a 45’ , 40′ or 20′ Hi-Cube shipping container equipped with Quantum’s ultra-lightweight Q-Lite® tanks.


Virtual Pipeline, Mobile & Temporary CNG Stations and Mining

  • Equipped with Type IV Q-Lite® tanks in a 45’, 40′ or 20′ length Hi-Cube ISO shipping container
  • Unique system capacity of up to 645,014 SCF
  • Vertical mounted tanks to optimize gas capacity
  • Single-switch tank isolation for safe transit
  • Door activated parking brake switch for increase safety during loading and unloading


Virtual Pipeline Trailers - Towable

Quantum Virtual Pipeline Trailers – Towable provide delivery and storage of Compressed Natural Gas and other gaseous products to supply customers in areas where there is little or no infrastructure, or where there is a temporary interruption of service.


Safe, Secure, and On-Demand CNG Fuel Trailers for Scheduled Shut-Downs, Outages, and Maintenance

  • Equipped with Type IV Q-Lite® tanks in a 10’ length standard ISO shipping container
  • Towable by a 1-ton pickup truck
  • The total capacity of the VPLite6 system is 62,726 SCF at 3,600psi and the total capacity of the VPLite8 system is 83,635 SCF.
  • Simple manual valve tank valve operation.
  • Easy access system for service

Quantum Advantage

Quantum offers the best price/value per Diesel Gallon Equivalent (DGE) in the industry.
That’s because we manufacture both our tanks and our systems.

Lightest Systems & Tanks
Quantum Q-Lite® tanks, Q-Rail and Q-Cab fuel system modules are the industries lightest.

Lightest Systems & Tanks

Highest Capacity Tanks
Optimized composite shell enables us to store more fuel.

Highest Capacity Tanks

Highest Quality Products
Our Q-Cab fuel system module completed 1 million miles of durability testing.

Highest Quality Products

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