Back-of-Cab CNG Fuel System

Medium- and Heavy-Duty Trucks

Available in 123, 160, and 180 DGE, Q-Cab integrates three high-capacity, extremely lightweight tanks into one elegant, aerodynamically invisible system. Grid-friendly and easy to install, Q-Cab can be combined with our dual Q-Rail system for extended range. Subjected to rigorous vibration testing, Q-Cab is proven extremely durable and comes with our 2-year 200,000-mile warranty. It has industry leading features like a fill door with lockout switch, hook and hang assembly, easy maintenance, compact design and right-hand fill (option).


  • Available in 123, 160, and 180 DGE
  • Extremely lightweight design
  • Robust with increased durability
  • Easy to install with hook & hang mounting mechanism
  • Grid-friendly design with variable width and mounting hold options
  • Filter and service components are located above the frame rails
  • A safety switch detects if the door is left open, prohibiting the vehicle from starting
  • Equipped with three Q-Lite® tanks, the lightest CNG tank in the industry
  • Increased flexibility to add frame modules
  • Supports up to 273 DGE when combined with dual 46.5 DGE Q-Rail CNG fuel modules
  • Automotive grade OEM white paint standard. Custom paint colors available
  • 2-year 200,000 mile warranty
Back-of-Cab CNG system
cng system
cng system front view
Back-of-Cab Fuel Gauge

Features and Benefits

Quantum’s culture of innovation continues to improve the efficiency of alternative vehicle technology. We make vehicles go farther; we increase storage capacity and reduce weight; we improve service and customer experience; we lower your overall cost of investment. Because we manufacture our own components, as well as design, engineer and develop our own fuel and control systems, we provide the best value in the industry.

Lightest Systems & Tanks
Quantum Q-Lite® tanks, Q-Rail and Q-Cab fuel system modules are the industries lightest.

Lightest Systems & Tanks

Highest Capacity Tanks
Optimized composite shell enables us to store more fuel.

Highest Capacity Tanks

Highest Quality Products
Our Q-Cab fuel system module completed 1 million miles of durability testing.

Highest Quality Products


Product Description Q-Cab 123 Q-Cab 160 Q-Cab 180
Part Number 116074 117345 117155
Diesel Gallon Equiv. (IA) DGE 123 160 180
Gasoline Gallon Equiv. (IA) GGE 140 184 206
Module Length Inches 86 89 89
Module Height Inches 84 104 104
Module Depth Inches 36 40 40
Q-Lite Tank Installed Units 3x 25×80 1x 25x 80 + 2x 30 x 80 3x 30 x 80
Fill Location Left Fill Left Fill Left Fill
Module Fill Panel Yes Yes Yes
Regulator Included Yes Yes Yes
High Flow Fill System Yes Yes Yes
Module Weight – empty lbs 1,759 2,180 2,314
Gas Mass lbs 674 887 993
Total Weight lbs 2,433 3,067 3,307
Range @ 6 mpg Miles 630 822 918
Usable Gas Mass @ 290-3600 psi lbs 585.6 770.4 862.8
* Other smaller fuel storage systems with 21″ tank sizes are available upon request.
* All dimensions are estimates.

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