Quantum Difference

Quantum is engineering the future of CNG and Hydrogen fuel storage by designing, developing and bringing innovative first-to-market vehicle solutions into production. We are at the forefront of our industry with decades of experience in natural gas and hydrogen fuel storage systems.

Pioneer in Clean Vehicle Technology

At Quantum, we’ve proven our technological leadership in a multitude of ways. Our achievements include:

2000 - 2004

  • Awarded Patent for In-Tank Regulator
  • Awarded patent on injectors for dry gaseous fuels
  • Manufactured 1st 10,000-psi hydrogen tank and valve to meet International standards (EIHP)
  • Achieved a record of 11.3% H2 tank efficiency, the highest weight efficiency ever demonstrated, in partnership with Lawrence Livermore National Lab and Thiokol
  • First to fill an H2 storage cylinder with compressed H2 at 5,000 psi at California Fuel Cell Partnership developed for the Hyundai Santa Fe Fuel Cell Vehicle
  • Awarded patent for mobile hydrogen refueling systems

2005 - 2010

  • Developed ultra-light hydrogen systems for high altitude applications
  • Developed innovative Hydrogen ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) hybrid electric vehicles for SCAQMD
  • Partnered with Fisker in forming Fisker Automotive, leading to the Q-Drive drivetrain in the Fisker Karma
  • Launched into production CNG (21×60) tank, lightest in class by 35%
  • Selected as one of five suppliers for electrify the post office LLV vehicles. Developed Quiet DriveTM
  • First in the industry with drop in CNG tank replacement for HD diesel 25” & 26” tanks

2011 - Present

  • Developed and launched the first medium-duty CNG Rail mounted system module in the industry
  • Developed and launched Q-Cab, 3-tank CNG fuel module for behind the vehicle cab in tractor application
  • Developed and launched first 5,000 psi tank for emerging CNG virtual pipeline market
  •  First 5,000 psi high capacity virtual pipeline trailer in the industry
  • Developed and launched 40′ virtual pipeline trailer with maximum gaseous capacity
  • Developed and launched 10′ virtual pipeline trailer towable with a 3/4 ton pickup truck
  •  Selected to develop a new high-pressure 13,500 psi (930 Bar) hydrogen tank with a capacity of approximately 60 kg of hydrogen

Best Value In the Industry

At Quantum, we’re proud of being industry leaders in the engineering, design, manufacturing and assembly of clean vehicle technologies. We’re also one of the best values on the market. Because we design, manufacture and assemble our own products in our facilities we’re able to offer the world’s most efficient and advanced systems at highly competitive prices.

Depreciation mitigation
Quantum durability and reliability increase ROI and ensure the longevity of all our Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) and hydrogen fuel storage systems.

Best Value In the Industry


The success of any organization depends on meeting and exceeding customer expectations. Quantum products are light, efficient, economical—and durable. All our systems go through rigorous testing. We’re committed to achieving the highest levels of quality with strict adherence to disciplines such as:

Quality and Reliability
  • Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP)
  • Phase-Gate Model project management that includes customers in all Gate Reviews
  • Production Part Approval Process (PPAP)
  • Quality Metrics to continually improve processes
  • Maintaining a Metrology lab to perform receiving, in-process, final, and shipping inspections to ensure product quality
  • Investigating process/product nonconformities to implement preventive measures
  • Translating customer requirements throughout supply chain via SQAR and supplier development
Quality and Reliability

Our steadfast commitment to quality includes complying with the following:

  • ISO/TS 16949 
  • ISO 14001 
  • ISO 9001
  • Automotive SPiCE Level 3
  • TUV functional safety audit for Karma HCU, based on European Regulation ECE-R13H


Reliability is a product’s ability to perform dependably over its anticipated lifetime. At Quantum, we design the reliability of our system up front, to meet your uptime goals down the road. System validation and durability testing ensures our robust designs will last the life of the vehicle. We perform safety, durability, and functionality testing on all of our tanks and systems, which enables us to provide an industry-leading warranty.

Quantum’s Testing and Validation Process Includes:

Corrosion Testing

Your trucks have to endure the harshest winters that Mother Nature can dish out. Inevitably, they’re going to have to survive a lifetime of corrosives, like road salt. Quantum uses the highest grade automotive coatings to ensure that our systems will remain structurally sound and serviceable in the long haul.

Crash Testing

Accidents do happen. At Quantum, we evaluate how well our fuel systems perform during an impact. A sled test was performed on our Back-of-Cab system subjected to a 60 G frontal collision. The physical integrity of the unit was not compromised after the collision.

Bonfire Testing

Accidents can cause fire. At Quantum, we tested the integrity of our fuel system through a bonfire test. For the test, propane burners were placed beneath the Back-of-Cab system with all three CNG tanks filled to service pressure of 3600 psi. Thirteen thermocouple sensors were placed within the system to monitor the temperature. As expected all three tanks vented properly.

Road Load Vibration Testing

Quantum sought out the roughest roads in North America and recorded the forces that your trucks see every day. We analyzed these vibrations and feed them into a multi-axis shaker where we test for an equivalent of 1 million road miles.