Real World Applications

Virtual Pipeline Trailer VPLite51/45'

Customer: Marlin Gas Services

Issue/Challenge: Marlin Gas Services offers compression services and we have a specialized patented decompression that allows us to adjust the high pressure gas coming out of trailers to whatever the customer application is. For the West Palm Beach project there is an industrial park with a large consumption of natural gas. The pipeline is not yet constructed so the business needs the trailers for natural gas.


We have been able to use large trailers to cover all situations – because we aren’t sure how long the trailers are going to be needed there or how much gas the customer will use.

Why Quantum?

With Quantum’s trailers you can pretty much size anything you want with Quantum trailers and they will size it and price it to that application. They have that flexibility that other manufacturers don’t. We fully endorse the product – and it is high quality with many safety features included.

CNG Fuel System Modules

Customer: J.J. Taylor Companies, Inc

Issue/Challenge: : J.J. Taylor Companies, Inc was founded in 1958 by John J. “Joe” Taylor in Massachusetts with two trucks and nine employees. Today the company has become the largest beer distributor in the state of Minnesota, and operates in seventeen counties throughout Florida.

The diesel emission systems on the diesel heavy-duty Class 8 trucks needed constant maintenance and we wanted to get away from the high cost of the Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF). Additionally, the cost of diesel fuel was rising.


The drivers like CNG, it is cleaner and their hands don’t smell like fuel all day after they fuel up.

WHY QUANTUM? We chose Quantum for several reasons. First, there were less fittings and piping in the fuel system so less chance for a leak. Second, the cabinet was more appealing. Lastly the price was reasonable.

Virtual Pipeline Trailer – VPLite8

Customer: Public Utility

Issue/Challenge: City Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) fill station with gas supply interruption for pipeline repairs

Quantum’s VPLite8 trailer was used in combination with a large trailer. The CNG is regulated from the trailer through 3 stages of regulation down to 180 psi for injection into the pipeline supplying the CNG fill station. In between each stage the customer would run it through ambient temperature coils built on a trailer to warm the gas before injection. The CNG fill station previously was using approximately 20,000 scf per day at a pipeline pressure of 200 psi.


Quantum’s VPLite8 trailer was used to provide gas supply while the larger trailer was offline waiting to be exchanged with another trailer. Repairs lasted 4 days and the Quantum VPLite8 successfully supported uninterrupted CNG supply.