Virtual Pipeline Trailers - Towable

Safe, Secure, and On-demand CNG Fuel Trailers for Scheduled Shut-downs, Outages, and Maintenance

Industry-Leading Virtual Pipeline Trailer Technology in a Smaller, Modular Design

Quantum Virtual Pipeline Trailers – Towable provide delivery and storage of Compressed Natural Gas and other gaseous products to supply customers in areas where there is little or no infrastructure, or where there is a temporary interruption of service. The VPLite trailers are equipped with Quantum’s signature Q-Lite® high-capacity, super-lightweight CNG high-pressure storage tanks.
  • Both the VPLite6 and the VPLite8 are housed within a 10’ length standard ISO shipping container
  • Compact and Modular: Towable by a 1-ton pickup truck


  • Equipped with Type IV Q-Lite® tanks in a 10’ length standard ISO shipping container
  • Towable by a 1-ton pickup truck
  • The total capacity of the VPLite6 system is 62,726 SCF at 3,600psi and the total capacity of the VPLite8 system is 83,635 SCF.
  • Simple manual valve tank valve operation.
  • Easy access system for service

Features and Benefits

Quantum’s culture of innovation continues to improve the efficiency of alternative vehicle technology. We make vehicles go farther; we increase storage capacity and reduce weight; we improve service and customer experience; we lower your overall cost of investment. Because we manufacture our own components, as well as design, engineer and develop our own fuel and control systems, we provide the best value in the industry.

Lightest Systems & Tanks
Quantum Q-Lite® tanks, Q-Rail and Q-Cab fuel system modules are the industries lightest.

Lightest Systems & Tanks

Highest Capacity Tanks
Optimized composite shell enables us to store more fuel.

Highest Capacity Tanks

Highest Quality Products
Our Q-Cab fuel system module completed 1 million miles of durability testing.

Highest Quality Products


Description Units VPLite6 VPLite8
Number of Tanks 6 x 107″ 8 x 107″
Water Volume L 5,952 7,936
Operating Pressure psi 3,600 3,600
Gas Volume scf 63,243 84,324
Gas Mass* lbs 2,898 3,863
Diesel Equivalent G 529 706
Empty Weight With Chassis lbs 8,349 9,285
Full Weight* lbs 11,274 13,148
Trailer Length ft 10 10
* Calculations based on CNG density @ 0.0458 lb/scf 59 degrees F.  Changes in gas type, density and temperature will impact system weight and carrying capacity. 

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