Lightest, Highest Capacity CNG Fuel Storage Systems

Twenty years of advances in development, design and engineering of Type IV technology, has made Quantum the leader in CNG fuel storage systems. We make the lightest, highest capacity tanks and most advanced fuel systems on the market. We were the first to manufacture a 10,000-psi hydrogen tank that meets ISO standards (International Organization for Standardization.) In 2010, we launched a first-of-its-kind 25” diameter Type IV composite compressed natural gas tank targeted at heavy-duty Class-8 trucks requiring high capacity fuel storage solutions. All of our products are TS 16949 certified—an ISO technical specification emphasizing prevention of defects. We’re dedicated to durability, quality, and reliability—as well as innovation.


Advanced CNG Fuel Storage Tanks

The lightest Tank in the industry

Quantum’s type IV CNG tank technology uses a cross-linked polyethylene liner with a carbon fiber overwrap to achieve unparalleled fuel density. Our super lightweight Q-Lite® Type IV CNG storage tanks are the lightest, most cost effective in the industry. With sizes to support everything from light-, medium-, to heavy-duty applications, Q-Lite™ storage tanks provide dramatic weight reduction and increased in fuel capacity.
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Frame-Rail Mounted CNG Fuel Systems

Grid-friendly "Hook & Hang" Easy Install

Available in 30.2, 41.2, and 46.5 DGE sizes, Q-Rail features a sleek, aerodynamic, OEM-quality design that’s extremely lightweight and incredibly durable. Q-Rail is grid-friendly, and its hook-and-hang mounting makes it easy to install. Q-Rail is fitted with one Q-Lite™ tank—the lightest in the industry, and includes a 2-year 200,000-mile warranty.
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Back-of-Cab Mounted CNG Fuel Systems

Revolutionary 3-Tank Technology

Available in 123, 160, and 180 DGE, Q-Cab integrates three high-capacity, extremely lightweight Q-Lite® tanks into one elegant, aerodynamically invisible system. Grid-friendly and easy to install, Q-Cab can be combined with the Q-Rail system for extended range. Q-Cab comes with a 2-year 200,000-mile warranty.
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Virtual Pipeline CNG Trailers

Maximum Capacity Trailer. Lowest Cost.

Quantum Virtual Pipeline Trailers provide delivery and storage of Compressed Natural Gas and other gaseous products to supply customers in areas where there is little or no infrastructure. The VP trailers are equipped with high-capacity, super-lightweight CNG storage tanks packed into your choice of a a 45′, a 40′ or a 21′ High-Cube  shipping container.
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Quantum provides fast-to-market solutions to support the production of bulk hydrogen transportation, on-vehicle hydrogen storage and hydrogen tank design and manufacturing for use in military applications, aviation applications, OEM programs and Department of Energy programs.
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Virtual Pipeline Trailers

Quantum’s hydrogen virtual pipeline trailers enable the distribution of a clean energy solution. If you need hydrogen blending for power generation, utility hydrogen blending, fuel cell power generation or hydrogen filling stations virtual pipeline trailers can be part of the solution. We’ve combined our 20+ years of experience with hydrogen and our industry-leading virtual pipeline trailers to bring to market our new hydrogen virtual pipeline trailer. All transport trailers are equipped with Quantum’s signature Q-LiteTM high pressure tanks.
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