Quantum Fuel Systems to Fulfill Second 2023 Order of Gas Virtual Pipeline Trailers to CORE Automated Fueling Solutions

Jul 26, 2023

LAKE FOREST, Calif., July 26, 2023 — Quantum Fuel Systems (Quantum), a fully integrated alternative energy company, has been selected by Permian Global, Inc. d/b/a CORE Automated Fueling Solutions (CORE), to deliver eight of its industry-leading virtual pipeline trailers for natural gas. The trailers will be delivered to CORE, a leading CNG provider in West Texas, in Q4 2023.

“We are honored CORE selected our trailers for a second time this year,” said Steve Toelke, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Infrastructure at Quantum. “We’re grateful for every customer order, but when there are multiple within a calendar year, it reinforces our trailers truly are a valuable and reliable solution to our customers. And that’s what we strive to do, be the go-to resource for fuel storage solutions that help advance our customers’ growth and success.”

With this contract, the second of 2023, Quantum will provide CORE with its VPLite45/40 trailers, which have an industry-leading gaseous capacity of approximately 472,000 standard cubic feet and weigh less than 59,000 pounds fully loaded. The trailers are certified for use in the U.S. and are the leading choice for customers needing a smaller, lighter trailer that is easily maneuvered in tight areas. CORE will utilize the trailers in their work with Manticore Fuels, LLC (Manticore Fuels), an affiliate company that is one of largest frac fuel providers in the West Texas market.

“CORE is building one of the most robust CNG offerings in the Permian Basin as it continues to support its expanding blue-chip customer base with low carbon fueling solutions,” said Brent Bruner, SVP (Natural Gas and Manufacturing) of CORE. “Our ongoing partnership with Quantum provides us with premium trailers that will enable us to achieve our growth goals.”

About Quantum Fuel Systems LLC
Quantum Fuel Systems LLC is engineering the future of alternative fuel storage by designing, developing and bringing innovative transport trailers, and industry-leading Type 4 cylinders for hydrogen, CNG and RNG to market. Quantum is at the forefront of the industry with decades of experience in gaseous fuel storage and systems solutions. Learn more at www.qtww.com

Quantum Media Contact:
Shelly Otenbaker, 248-506-6696, shelly@waypointmc.com

About Permian Global, Inc. d/b/a CORE Automated Fueling Solutions
CORE is a leading fuel technology and software solutions provider for the energy and industrial sectors. CORE is a market leader in Automated Fueling Solutions and has a rapidly growing presence in CNG Fueling Services in the greater Permian Basin region. Learn more at www.corefueling.com

About Manticore Fuels, LLC
Manticore Fuels is a leading fueling services provider in West Texas and New Mexico providing “white glove” diesel & CNG fueling services, automation services, and rental services to the energy sector. Learn more at www.manticorefuels.com

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Todd Parsapour, 713.876.8269, todd.p@corefueling.com